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Established in 2015, Charlie Karlín, the Prague based non-profit organisation aims to help and support disadvantaged learners and underachievers to develop their intellectual capacity, to complete their mandatory education and to assist them on going through higher education, to enable them to cultivate their own independent and authentic personality. This help and support are mainly based on using the mediated learning experience and instrumental enrichment methods inside and outside of the classroom.
Charlie Karlín is a small organization with about 12 14 mediators in the team. They focus on pupils with or without specific disadvantage or special need but experiencing failure during their formal education due to factors such as the socio-economic situation they live in, lack of stimuli in their natural environment, lack of suitable approach in the classroom teaching, etc.
Working with the wide range of clientele – children, youngsters, adults and also elderly people- mediators of Charlie Karlín gained significant experience of enhancing potential of learners and helping them on their pathway to higher quality life.
All the effort is put into integrating children into mainstream schools, if possible. To support this aim wider promotion of the methodology and teacher support is needed. Charlie Karlín co-founded the Feuerstein Authorized Training Center, based in Prague, where certified teacher training in mediation takes place.
The diverse team allows Charlie Karlín to offer and provide high quality services answering the specific needs of their clients.

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