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Output 4 – Shaping supportive environment

Education, whether marked as inclusive or not, may have an important impact on the development and learning of a child “experiencing barriers to learning”, as well as on typically developing peers and on the teachers. We want to provide teachers, educators, principals, parents with a more environmental perspective.
In the presented collection of best practices, we want to give samples of the beneficial use of mediated learning experience in real life, answering the question: how can we change the environment so that it will encourage, reinforce, and create in the student the will, the need, and the ability leading to important academic achievements. We want to focus on creating an environment that encourages learning. The home, classroom and afternoon clubs may be organized to accelerate cognitive adaptation. This includes structured interactions resulting in maximum benefit to the child, accelerating the thinking and learning processes.

Miriam overcame her own fears
Miriam prekonala svoj vlastný strach
Darinka would benefit from individual lessons
Darinke by pomohla individuálna práca
Danko builds self-confidence
Danko si buduje sebadôveru
Filip thinks hard about our questions
Filip nad otázkami premýšľa
Linda has her own opinion
Linda má svoj vlastný názor
Anicka expands her vocabulary
Anička si obohacuje slovnú zásobu
How FIE has changed me
My story of working with Roma children
FIE made children asking, speaking, working
Jachym gives himself time to think before speaking
Jáchym si nechává čas na rozmyšlenou
Patrik becomes part of the class
Patrik se projevuje v kolektivu
Marketa is conscious of the impact of FIE on her personality
Markéta si uvědomuje působení FIE na její osobnost
Students, teachers, school - how FIE affects us
Our experience with implementing FIE to curriculum
The boy who has changed before our eyes
Tomas’ journey towards a dream
Tomášova cesta za snem
FIE saved Anton from giving up on his education
FIE changes teachers and schools
The use of FIE at work with students of the Faculty of Education
Využití FIE při práci se studenty Pedagogické fakulty
Are roma children educable
Sú rómske deti vzdelávateľné
Modifying environment for Ezra - experience of his mother
Modifying environment
My story of working with Roma children
Môj príbeh práce s rómskymi deťmi
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