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The common denominator between the participating organizations is their mission to reduce disparities in learning outcomes affecting disadvantaged learners through introduction of more effective teaching methods. The participating organizations work with a wide range of clients from children coming from marginalized Roma communities (Slovakia, Romania) to children with special needs (Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania) to underachieving children in mainstream schools (Czech Republic, Lithuania).


Our common goal is to help these disadvantaged children to overcome their particular barriers by enhancing their learning potential and cognitive functioning and thus to increase their chances to become socially and economically integrated independent individuals bringing full value to society.


During their school years these children have to battle with their underdeveloped cognitive functions that are crucial for acquiring all the basic skills, such as reading, writing, and mathematics. Very often disadvantaged learners fail in mainstream education system and their performance is considerably poorer in comparison with their peers, as mainstream education system does not apply an appropriate
methodological approach to support them.


Participating organisations of this project are strongly connected not only by their common goal, but also by the use of Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) and its applications, the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment program (IE) and the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) in their work. Based on the MLE, the IE program seeks to correct deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills, provides students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations and techniques necessary to function as independent learners, increases their motivation, develops metacognition, and helps them “learn how to learn.”

Addressing their own particular target groups, the participating organizations have gathered significant experience with the use of MLE and IE to be shared and transferred to different environments, to exchange good practices and specific expertise from local to European level, to provide other educators and FIE practitioners with methodological guidance, and thus to strengthen competences and skills needed to deliver high quality teaching /services for work with disadvantaged learners in order to increase the number of socially integrated children/youth and their chances to graduate from secondary school and get a job.


Charlie Karlín, z.ú.

Established in 2015, Charlie Karlín, the Prague based non-profit organisation aims to help and support disadvantaged learners and underachievers to develop their intellectual capacity, to complete their mandatory education and to assist them on going through higher education, to enable them to cultivate their own independent and authentic personality. This help and support are mainly based on implementing the mediated learning experience and instrumental enrichment methods to the activities in and out of the classroom in different environments such as elementary schools, afternoon clubs, VET, Prison Service, families.
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