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Zakladní skola Svitavy

We are an elementary school with nine grades, which is located in the town of Svitavy. We strive to become an educational facility that apart from quality curriculum also offers an individual approach towards our students, a wide variety of past-time activities and nourishing environment for the development of human potential. Such is an education facility, which plays important part in educating members of a healthy society (meant in the language of both medicine and ethics).
Since 2014 we are utilizing the method of Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment. We are amongst the first in our country who have implemented the method as a stand-alone subject for students of 4th through 8th grades (that is for five consecutive years). We also offer the FIE Basic as a supportive tool for students of 1st through 3rd grades or as a past-time activity for children from preschools. We also present FIE to broader public as we offer courses for adults, for our graduates and even as individual assistance for interested individuals. Our school is also home of the Centre of Collegial Support, which acts in support of FIE lecturers in the town and whole region. We also use the centre to share our experience and disseminate the good reputation of prof. Feuerstein’s method.

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